Fika Swedish Kitchen, Manly, Sydney

If I ever decided to do something really radical like move to Sydney, I would base myself in Manly. This beachside suburb, apparently modded on my hometown of Brighton in the UK, is a bustling collection of winding streets, ocean -view bars and cute independent eateries. Plus, there is actually good coffee here, which we all know isn’t the easiest to come by outside of Melbourne. 

One of these establishments is Fika Swedish Kitchen. This cosy, sun drenched brunch spot is named after the Swedish ritual, Fika. The roughly translates to taking a break for coffee and a bite to eat but the whole point of it is to take a break in your day and relax with friends and family. I have been well informed by my Swedish friend that Fika is actually a thing and I’m comepltly in love with the concept. 

The story of this cafe is pretty cute. Opened in 2013 by three Swedish friends who lived in the area, the girls decided to share their passion for Scandinavian culture with their local area. They utilised their design background and meticulously thought out every inch of the cafe, following traditional Swedish patterns and adding lots of colour to make the place fun. Everything in the cafe is handmade and that starts with their rye bread and extends to the cups that they serve their coffee in. 

On the menu at Fika, you can enjoy a range of traditional swedish brunch dishes such as; skagen prawns with a dill and lemon mayo mix and egg on sourdough, Pyttipanna, a swedish hash with chopped root vegetables, meatballs, egg and pickles or a thin style waffle with housemade jam and cream. The best coffee here is served filter style, black with a warm cinnamon bun at the side. 

What’s more if you’re feeling a little homesick for some Swedish snacks (or you’re just keen to try), Fika’s shelves are stocked up with goodies. Grab yourself some salted liquorice, some Marabou chocolate or even just a cute branded tote. This little cafe isn’t just a place you want to spend a couple of hours, it implores you do so. 

Fika Swedish Kitchen, Manly, Australia

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