Iconic Aussie Snacks and their UK equivalent

Happy Sunday everyone. I thought I’d do a bit of a fun post today because, why not? Anyway, I was tucking into a delightful handful of Shapes (crackers? biscuits?) this morning and I realised that they bared a resemblance to one of my favourite UK snacks… So, I got thinking about some other Australian/ UK food simillarities. Anyway, without further ado, I would like to introduce, 10 Aussie snacks and their UK equivalent. Do you agree with me?

Shapes vs Mini Cheddar

First up, the inspiration for this post and the iconic Australian savoury snacks; we start with Shapes. If you haven’t ever tried this delicacy, Shapes are a form of savoury biscuit (apparently) that were first introduced in Victoria in 1954. That’s old by Australian standards! They come in a range of flavours such as Savoury, Pizza, Chicken Crimpy and Vegemite cheese- the latter of which, are very similar in taste and texture to the UK classic snack, Mini Cheddar.

Timtams vs Penguins

Introducing the staple Australian biscuit: TimTams. The original version is plain milk chocolate and the inside consists of a chocolate biscuit, with a cream filling, encased in a thick chocolate coating. These days you can get a variety of favours such as caramel, dark choc, choc mint and double coat. Correct me if I’m wrong but TimTams bear an uncanny resemblance to Penguins- one of the UK’s favourite biscuits?

Cheezels and Wotsits

Cheezels and Wostits: Cheezels make an apperance at any party or BBQ here in Oz. To clarify, they are a cheezy, ring-shaped snack, with a crunchy, melt in your mouth texture. In shape they are unique, but in taste and colour, they are very similar to the UK’s Wotsits crisps? (controversially, I don’t like either of them.)

Milo vs Ovaltine

Milo and Ovaltine: If you’ve spent any time in Australia, you would have heard of Milo. It is a chocolate flavoured malt product that you generally mix with warm milk, for a comforting beverage. You can also get Milo cereal. It is very similar to the UK’s Ovaltine, another chocolate malt drink. However, Ovaltine is a little bit more ‘sensible mum’ in its branding, than the fun green Milo packaging.

Vegemite vs Marmite

Vegemite and Marmite: It’s controversial and alongside politics, religion and the gender pay gap, it’s a topic you want to avoid at the dinner table and that’s: Vegemite vs Marmite. Either way, they are both salty spreads made from leftover yeast extracts and are the perfect savoury topping to buttered toast. The iconic Aussie version is much loved; more so than the British one which divides the nation- Marmite’s ‘you either love it or hate it’ slogan plays on that fact. From my experience and through conversations with friends, Marmite is a lighter colour, sweeter and a little runnier than Vegemite.

Caramello Koalas vs Freddos

Caramello Koala and Fredddo: If there was one snack you’d want to bring home from Australia, it’s Caramello Koala. Manufactured by Cadbury Australia, these koala shaped chocolates are filled with runny caramel and come in handy individual pocket-sized packaging. They are very similar to Cadbury’s Freddos that we grew up eating in the UK. Thye could be purchased for just 20p from your local newsagent (great for after school snacks.) You can now buy Australian made Freddos in the country too.

Iced Vovo vs Party Rings

Iced Vovo vs party rings: Last but not least, the Iced Vovo. It’s one of the most unique biscuits out there and a must-try in Australia. If you haven’t had one, it is a biscuit made by the Arnotts brand, consisting of a thin plain biscuit, topped with pink fondant, raspberry filling and topped with coconut. There isn’t really a direct match to a UK snack but in uniqueness and colour, I am going to match it with Party Rings. These vibrant coloured ring-shaped biscuits are also topped with a fondant and are equally nostalgic by UK standards, to the Iced Vovo.

Other UK/ Australia snack twins: Smiths chips vs Walkers crisps, Violet Crumble vs Crunchie, Lamingtons vs French Fancies, Burger king Vs Hungry Jack, Meat pies vs Cornish Pasties, Drumstick vs Cornetto.

That’s a wrap for my iconic Aussie snacks and their UK equivalents. Can you think of anything else I have missed?

Plus if you are heading off on an adventure down under, click here to read about what to pack for an Australian Working Holiday.

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