Levash, Brighton Review

Last year when Levash first opened its doors on Brighton’s Gardner Street, I’ve got to admit that the first thing I thought was ‘oh great, another falafel place’. However a few weeks ago I decided to give this Middle Eastern cafe a visit and I’ve got to say it’s so much more than that. With its array of fresh, locally sourced middle eastern breakfast, lunch and … Continue reading Levash, Brighton Review

How To Write A Travel Journal

Writing a travel journal wasn’t something that I’d done before this year however I got really into journalling on my last trip and now I’m completely converted to keeping one. Writing in a journal while I was away was great for so many reasons. I loved making myself take the time to gather my thoughts, write down funny stories and stick in things like train … Continue reading How To Write A Travel Journal

London like a Londoner

Should You Do A Journalism Degree? Why I Did An NCTJ Instead

An NCTJ level 3 diploma is an accredited journalism course ran by the National College for the Training of Journalists. The course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to begin a career as a professional journalist and it can be taken before, after or instead of university. In many cases an NCTJ is something that is requested by editors in an application … Continue reading Should You Do A Journalism Degree? Why I Did An NCTJ Instead

Wagamama Brighton: New Vegan options

Wagamama is always a go to when it comes to eating dinner out with my friends because be it options for vegans, veggie, fussy eaters or carnivores, it’s one of the few places that is guaranteed to suit us all. Yesterday was a rarity because me and my best friends were not only all back in Brighton at the same time but we also managed to coordinate … Continue reading Wagamama Brighton: New Vegan options

Anyone Else Getting Bored Of Brunch?

A few weeks ago nothing used to please me more than going for brunch. I loved the whole process of it. From getting out of the house bright and early, to ordering my favourite coffee, to pondering over scrambled eggs on sourdough toast or a bowl of shakshuka while eagerly anticipating the well framed photo and caption that I would later post on Instagram. Then I … Continue reading Anyone Else Getting Bored Of Brunch?