Mr Tulk Cafe Melbourne CBD

Melbourne: The Best Cafes For 20- Somethings

Mr Tulk Cafe review, Melbourne CBD. Good for: Students, working, free WiFi, solo coffee dates, meetings.

It was a Wednesday in Melbourne, I had a day off and I wanted just two things: Coffee and WiFi. It sounds like a reasonable request but Melbourne’s healthy obsession with coffee means just one thing: no room. oh how I love the glorious array of quirky independent cafes that the city has to offer but one of the cafes many defining charms in the city centre is that they are all so tiny.

I decided to do a bit of a search online. I needed a cafe I could work in- I had blog posts piling up and travel research to do and none of this was going to get done without some caffeine in my system. After a bit of research, I settled for Mr Tulk Cafe. It was apparently spacious, it had WiFi, good coffee and it was located right next door the State library, somewhere I had been meaning to check out anyway.

melbourne mr tulk cafe review melbourne cafe review mr tulk

melbourne cafe review mr tulk

Mr Tulk Cafe Review Melbourne CBD

I really like Mr Tulk. It is large but not imposing to go in, there are plenty of seats including one large table that is great for solo cafe visitors. The decor is minimalistic and I guess, due to its good wi-fi and proximity to the library, it feels quite studenty.

The cafes name itself pays homage to its location, being named after the library’s first chief librarian, Augustus Henry Tulk, who helped build the library’s collection of books to what it is today.

Once your settled in with your coffee and buried deep in your work, you probably won’t want to leave; luckily Mr Tulks food menu has got you covered. Its lunch menu includes full dishes such as gnocchi, salmon and flatbread or you could just help yourself to one of their many cakes and pastries. They also offer a selection of fresh juices.  When the work gets too much, Mr Tulk is licensed so you could even treat yourself to a glass of wine: Sometimes it’s necessary.

Mr Tulk,328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Open Mon -Thurs 7:30-5, Friday 7:00-7:30 pm, Sat-Sun- 9:00-4pm.

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