Melbourne: Two Quirky Cafes To Try This Week

Featuredmelbourne little rogue coffee

Little Rogue Coffee and Brother Baba Budan, Melbourne

I can’t believe that it’s already February! Life just seems to be going by way too quickly here in Melbourne. At the start of the new year, I decided that 2019 was going to be the year that I really push myself to achieve my goals (or at least try to). As I’m in Australia on my working holiday, I figured starting the year off on the other side of the world was a good place to start.

So far in between working, writing and seeing friends, It’s fair to say that I’ve not had much downtime. However, there’s always time for coffee (or in this case a Matcha) and I wanted to share a couple of quirky Melbourne cafe with you guys that I’ve stumbled across recently.

melbourne little rogue coffee

melbourne Little Rogue Coffee

melbourne little rogue coffee

Melbourne Little Rogue Coffee

Melbourne Little Rogue Coffee

L I T T L E  R O G U E  C O F F E E 

I’d never really got into the whole Matcha thing. That is until I came to Little Rogue. Their little menu has four main drink options: Black, White, Sakuratte (I’ll be doing a specific post about this drink soon) and Matcha. I’d seen photos of their Matcha lattes online so I decided to pass on my usual Flat White and give it a try: I’m so glad I did. The matcha latte comes slightly sweetened, with really balances out the strong taste of the green tea powder. It was so delicious and I honestly have been daydreaming about it ever since.

I was recommended this cafe by my flatmate’s boyfriend and I don’t think I would have found it on my own. Little Rogue is tucked down a graffiti-filled alleyway and there’s very little to indicate it’s there at all apart from the occasional person emerging through a non-descript door carrying coffee. This quirky cafe even markets itself as being ‘the blue door next to the white cat’.

The cafe is really small inside so the best way to guarantee a seat is to go by yourself. However, if you can bag a seat, It’s one of the most relaxing cafes in Melbourne to pass the time. Little Rogue also has a small selection of cakes to choose from including a delicious looking matcha cheesecake. I’ll be back soon.

melbourne cafe brother baba budanmelbourne cafe brother baba budan

B R O T H E R  B A B A  B U D A N 
I have been wanting to visit this eclectic cafe for a while now and I finally stopped by the other day. This cafe is hailed by coffee snobs all over Melbourne for its fantastic coffee and highly trained barista’s. However, what I went there for, was the aesthetics. Brother Baba Budan has the craziest decor around, with a whole load of chairs hanging off the ceiling: great for your Insta’s. They probably could have done with a few of those on the floor, to be honest, the only downside is that seating is pretty sparse.

There are lots of new blog posts and exciting projects coming up over the next few so stay tuned on the blog. I’m also always on the lookout for any Melbourne related recommendations so please drop me a message if you have any recommendations too.

Vacation Cafe Review Melbourne

Featuredmelbourne review cafe vacation

Best for: Sitting in, Takeaway, Breakfast, brunch, early morning coffee, taking your Instagram’s 

I really wanted to go to Vacation cafe from the moment that I heard about it because of its decor. It’s bright, cheery, quirky, colourful and really the epitome of what I expected all cafes in Australia to be like before I got here. 

Located on Exhibition Street, a stone’s throw away from Melbourne’s Federation Square, Vacation is centrally located however it could be easily missed if you weren’t looking for it. The cafe’s venue itself is actually quite small however it packs in a quite a few tables and its bright decor and high ceilings give the impression that it’s a lot bigger than it looks. 

Despite its location, Vacation seems to lack the sense of morning franticness that a lot of other Melbourne’s cafes have. It’s actually a very tranquil and chilled place to sit for a while, so nice in fact that it would be a shame to just grab a coffee for takeaway. 

Vacation specialises in premium coffee and actually roast their own beans off-site. The coffee menu is fairly basic but like most of the city’s cafes, you can pretty much order whatever coffee you would like from the barista. Food wise, Vacation offers a small and affordable breakfast and brunch menu as well as a good selection of cakes and pastries.

melbourne review cafe vacation

melbourne review cafe vacation

melbourne review cafe vacation

melbourne review cafe vacation

melbourne review cafe vacation

Vacation cafe, 1 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 

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Mr Tulk Cafe Melbourne CBD

FeaturedMelbourne: The Best Cafes For 20- Somethings

Mr Tulk Cafe review, Melbourne CBD. Good for: Students, working, free WiFi, solo coffee dates, meetings.

It was a Wednesday in Melbourne, I had a day off and I wanted just two things: Coffee and WiFi. It sounds like a reasonable request but Melbourne’s healthy obsession with coffee means just one thing: no room. oh how I love the glorious array of quirky independent cafes that the city has to offer but one of the cafes many defining charms in the city centre is that they are all so tiny.

I decided to do a bit of a search online. I needed a cafe I could work in- I had blog posts piling up and travel research to do and none of this was going to get done without some caffeine in my system. After a bit of research, I settled for Mr Tulk Cafe. It was apparently spacious, it had WiFi, good coffee and it was located right next door the State library, somewhere I had been meaning to check out anyway.

melbourne mr tulk cafe review melbourne cafe review mr tulk

melbourne cafe review mr tulk

Mr Tulk Cafe Review Melbourne CBD

I really like Mr Tulk. It is large but not imposing to go in, there are plenty of seats including one large table that is great for solo cafe visitors. The decor is minimalistic and I guess, due to its good wi-fi and proximity to the library, it feels quite studenty.

The cafes name itself pays homage to its location, being named after the library’s first chief librarian, Augustus Henry Tulk, who helped build the library’s collection of books to what it is today.

Once your settled in with your coffee and buried deep in your work, you probably won’t want to leave; luckily Mr Tulks food menu has got you covered. Its lunch menu includes full dishes such as gnocchi, salmon and flatbread or you could just help yourself to one of their many cakes and pastries. They also offer a selection of fresh juices.  When the work gets too much, Mr Tulk is licensed so you could even treat yourself to a glass of wine: Sometimes it’s necessary.

Mr Tulk,328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Open Mon -Thurs 7:30-5, Friday 7:00-7:30 pm, Sat-Sun- 9:00-4pm.

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The Wild Flour Cafe: How Cute Is This Campervan Cafe In Brighton’s Countryside?


Best for: breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, vegan and veggie options

Last Sunday I had planned on having a blog free day. No writing, no editing, no taking photos for blog posts. Nothing. Nada.

Instead I’d decided to treat myself to a proper Sunday off which involved: A walk in the countryside, making something nice for lunch, doing some baking then sitting down with some ginger cake and a movie.

We’re so lucky in Brighton that we’ve got the seafront at one end and the South Downs at the other. I love both places but the countryside wins hands down every time. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of freedom I get from escaping into the countryside, looking back over the town and breathing in the fresh air: Of course there is that whole matter of trying to avoid the cows muck.

Anyway when me and my dad parked up the car and set off on our walk I was thinking of anything but new blog ideas and edits or photos which was nice for a change so, imagine my surprise when we walked into the tiniest little village and found the cutest campervan cafe serving vegan and vegetarian brunches and homemade cakes in the middle of the countryside. Now how could I not blog about that?

Wildflower cafe BrightonWildflower cafe BrightonWildflower cafe Brighton

The Wild Flour Cafe

This gorgeous little cafe is located in Saddlescombe, a TINY village just a short walk through the countryside from Devils Dyke (which you can get the 77 bus to from Brighton’s town centre). There’s been a cafe here for the last few years (previously The Hiker’s Rest) but the new Wildflower cafe has really upped the game.

The cafe is located in a camper-van with its own little courtyard seating area that’s beautifully decorated with plants and hanging lights: Even its makeshift plant pots made out of used Golden syrup tins are quaint. It’s probably one of Brighton’s most peaceful cafes and the lack of phone service means that technology is kept at a minimum.

Open 10-5 Tuesday to Sunday from March to October and then weekends only in November, it’s a great place to come and get a cup of tea and some cake or a full-blown brunch in the brighter months. Everything is homemade and all of the cakes looked incredible (especially the freshly baked scones that came out just as I was leaving). Plus the best thing is because I’d walked through the countryside to get here, I felt like I totally deserved a sweet treat.

All of the brunches are Vegetarian or vegan and very reasonably priced. Options included Mushroom and Blackbean Ragu and Halloumi and Houmous Pita. Everything I saw looked absolutely delicious.

(The cafe doesn’t take card payments so just remember to bring some cash with you or you’ll have had a wasted walk).

Wildflower cafe BrightonWildflower cafe Brighton

Wildflower cafe BrightonWildflower cafe Brighton