Cibi, Collingwood


I don’t know if it is the fact I’m feeling a little travel-sick but I am LOVING Japanese breakfasts at the moment. The cute little assortment of rice and sides makes for such a nice alternative to the usual smashed avocado on toast at other cafes, and luckily in Melbourne, there are so many places to choose to from.

It had been a while since I’d taken myself off on a brunch date so this Sunday, after a lazy morning overcaffeining, I headed over to Collingwood to Cibi’s.

For those of who who haven’t been to Cibi’s (go now!) This gorgeous little oasis is part cafe, part homestore, part plant shop and it’s a wonderful to space to pass a couple of hours.

The layout of the cafe is really open and unimposing. There are larger tables to catch up with friends or smaller little tables tucked away for dates with yours truly. On a sunny day you can bag yourself a seat out the front, to people watch over a flaky pastry.

For food, Cibi has some delicious offerings. Most popular is the Japenses breakfast. This comes with a grilled salmon fillet, tamagoyaki egg omelette, seasonal vegetables, potato salad, a rice blend and miso soup. I had this and it completly hit the spot.

Other options include the miso baked egg with roasted eggplant, butternut squash and provolone cheese, served on toast and the vegan soba salad. Coffee is Cibi’s own blend, And although it was roasted on the slightly lighter side than I preferred, it still complemented the food perfectly.

We also have to give a quick ode to Cibi’s gorgeous crockery. Their coffee cups and glassware are an art form, and they sell a wide range of Japanese design products in the Cibi store. Some items are a little pricey (around $60 for a plate) but oh my goodness, they would be a joy to have in the kitchen.

Sharing the warehouse space with Cibi, is The Plant Society, a lovely space to pick up that Peace Lily that you didn’t know you needed!

Cibi is open seven days a week from 8 to 4 at Keele Street, Collingwood.

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