Long time no see

When I think back to the time that I started this blog, it feels like It was started in an entirely different life by an entirely different person.

Passport Please emerged from my tiny university accommodation room in London, at a time when I felt entirely lost and in need of a little focus.

This platform has been with me as I finished my journalism studies back home in Brighton. It was my friend when I travelled solo for the first time in Asia. It was my creative outlet while I travelled through Central America and it was a place for me to share my adventures when I went through Europe.

Then I came to Australia and embarked on my longest adventure yet. Over almost three years, a lot of friends have come and gone. Living abroad is great but it can be hard when its a long way from home and the people that you have around you are rarely permanent. Passport Please is my constant.

I haven’t touched base as regularly as I once did, primarily because I’ve been busy. I have been busy figuring out who I am, busy living less dramatic but more significant adventures and also I’ve been posting less because I just didn’t feel that lost anymore.

When I first started travelling and writing, my blog became a place to primarily showcase the cafes that I had found around the world. It should come as no surprise then, that after a couple of years living and breathing all things coffee in Melbourne, I have decided its an industry that I want to stay in for the long run.

Living in the coffee capital of the world has opened up my eyes to the opportunities out there surrounding coffee. I now work in one of Melbourne’s best cafes/roasteries with dreams of travelling the world as a green coffee buyer in the future.

These days I have a little bit more focus and a little more time. So, as we seemingly leave the stress and gloominess of 2020 behind, I thought that it was time to get reaquainted with this old friend.

Look out for some new Melbourne cafe profiles in the coming weeks.

Stay safe everyone!

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