Melbourne: Working Holiday Life Update

This week, I had some free time on my hands and I don’t know why but I got to thinking about fears- or more specifically the things that I fear the most. I decided that I have two big ones. The first one is unfulfilled potential, aka not doing the things that I could and should do. Then the second one is people not liking me, you see, I am an undeniably bad people pleaser- have and probably always will be

Anyway following on from these and particularly relating to the unfulfilled potential one, as an aspiring journalist, I decided that as I’m doing any other writing internships or work at this time that I’d start doing some more blog posts instead.

As I’m sure anyone else who has a blog will tell you, trying to work out what and when to blog can be a bit of a nightmare. In theory, this is my baby and my own space to write whatever I want. In reality, I have the voices of a billion ‘how to write a successful blog’ articles telling me to make sure what I’m writing is unique and relevant. Not to mention, there’s that voice in the back of my head saying ‘people won’t want to hear about that.

Basically, to get to the point, the purpose of this blog post is to tell you that the site is changing a little. I’m still dedicated to the cause of 20-something travel and cafe reviews but prepare to see some more regular and eclectic posts from here on out.

Melbourne life updates:

To start this new tone off, I thought it was time to give those of you who read the blog a little update as to where I am right now. As many of you are aware, since October last year I have been on a working holiday in Australia, living and loving life in Melbourne. After a crazy few months doing multiple journalism internships and working as a barista, I took a six-week break and travelled around Bali with two of my best friends from home.

I’m currently back in my favourite Australian city at least until my visa runs out in October. I’m now picking up shifts at my cafe while in a bit of limbo about what to do next. A working holiday is one of the best yet also one of the most unsettling things that I have done in my life- for reasons that I will come on to later this week.

At present it’s July and back in England, it’s full-on summer mode. Here in Australia on the other hand, it’s winter. Now I’ve got to say after a lot of scaremongering from my Australian friends- winter, (yes even here in Melbourne) is not that bad. Sure it gets a little chilly in the mornings but generally speaking, a light jacket will suffice and the hot mulled wine that they are selling in the bars is more of a novelty than a necessity.

Anyway, in between work and my newfound commitment of running as much as possible, I’ve been dedicated to the cause of fully exploring Melbourne and doing a lot of eating and drinking out. I’ll share some more tips and recommendations with you guys over the next few days.

Until then, I hope everyone has a good week and manages to stay warm (or cool) depending on where you’re reading this from. As always, feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions. I noticed a few emails dropped through my message box unread, so I’ll be replying to those this week too.

Thanks for reading- 


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