The Best Beaches in Milos, Greece

Out of all of the islands that we visited on our island hopping trip around the Greece, the most spectacular beaches we came across were in the island, Milos . Forget standard sandy beaches, the beaches in Milos are some of the most unusual and diverse that I’ve ever seen. If you’re planning on travelling around the Cyclades, this magnificent island is definitely one to add to the itinerary.

Getting around

Milos isn’t really accommodated for tourism compared to a lot of the other islands. To put it in context, when we got off the ferry at other islands, there was usually hundreds of people disembarking. In Milos there were probably around 20 of us. There is a bus network running from the port where there are a few cafes, restaurants and a supermarket, to the main town, Plaka,  but the service is limited. One way on the bus costs 1.80 euro and you pay on leaving the bus.

To explore most of the beaches, the best option is to rent a vehicle. If you don’t fancy doing that then the other popular way to get around, and to see most of the island is an organised boat trip. There are plenty of these excursions running daily from the port, depending on where and how long you want to go for. These can be very structured: Some of the pricier one, costing around 60 euro, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all of these trips run to schedules so unless you hire a private boat you will have a set amount of time at each beach.

We went with Captain Yiangos, which was one of the cheaper tours at €30 each for a full day trip around the whole island. The positives were that we did see most of the beaches and there were a couple of opportunities to get off and swim. The negatives were the boat were crowded and we did feel that the boat ride was very slow and dragged on a little. It also didn’t give us an opportunity to get off at all the beaches we wanted to. If we’d had longer in Milos we would have visited some of the best beaches ourselves but we only really had one day.


Where to go:

The beaches in Milos are diverse and some can be difficult to access its worth researching the beaches you’re interested in visiting and if doing a boat tour, making sure you pick a tour that visits them



One of the most spectacular beach is Klefitiko. This is only accessible by boat as it is purely for swimming. This beautiful beach with its tall rock pillars resembles the beaches found in Krabi, Thailand and is definitely worth a visit. There is not a sunbathing area here or facilities.



Sarakiniko is the most ‘moon like’ beach. We only stopped by this one and didn’t have the opportunity to get off but if you get the chance I would say it’s worth making a day of it at this beach. It’s smooth white rocks look just like craters and make it perfect for sunbathing, cliff jumping and taking some loads of photos.



This tiny beach would be unremarkable if it wasn’t for its strip of beautiful multi collided fishing huts. So simple yet so dreamy this beach is definitely worth a visit if you get the chance. Klima is accessible by car but you may have to park in the nearby village and walk in. Our tour didn’t actually give us the chance to get off here but I would visit if I went back.

Tsigrado beach

Again, we didn’t get the chance to get off here but if you have the time then visit this beautiful beach. To get to it you have to climb down steep rope ladders which will appeal to the adventurous and it means that the beach is quite exclusive.  It’s very Alex Garland, The Beach.


Another one for adventurous soles, entrance to this cliff beach is obtained through a tiny gate. To access the beach you then have to climb down a slippery cliff path. Once there the steep cliffs create a natural pool with emerald water and a small beach.

And if you just want a normal(ish) beach


It’s a beautiful beach served by bus and easy to drive to. Firiplaka is one of the longest beaches and is organised with beach bars and other facilities.


This beach is also accessible by bus and car. It is another organised beach, and its beautiful golden sand means that it’s a popular choice for a day at the beach.

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