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10 things I learnt from a Thai monk

Chiang Mai is a popular base for activities in Northern Thailand amongst backpackers. With everything from zip lining, cooking classes, bamboo rafting and visiting elephants to choose from, me and my limited time frame were completely overwhelmed. In the end I opted for one of the lesser known things to do in Chiang Mai and in my opinion, one of the most interesting: a Thai monk … Continue reading 10 things I learnt from a Thai monk

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36 hours in Copenhagen

A two-day travel guide for foodies in the Danish capital I recently had the opportunity to spend 36 hours in Copenhagen, on a city break. There are a lot of destinations on my travel bucket list, but Denmark has been at the top of it for ages. Therefore, it really was a dream come true to spend a long weekend there. Copenhagen: An Overview What … Continue reading 36 hours in Copenhagen

The chocolate Tartufo: Romes’ greatest indulgence

On Blue Monday, I thought everyone, myself included, could do with a little escapism. So here’s a little flashback back to a foodie moment on a trip to Rome. Cheers to sunnier days. The deep, rich taste of the chocolate grounds me to the spot. On the outside it’s adorned with a casing of jagged chocolate fragments. The bitterness exacerbated from the coldness of it. … Continue reading The chocolate Tartufo: Romes’ greatest indulgence

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Useful Things You Need To Know Before Travelling In Vietnam

Vietnam was a country that had been on my bucket list forever so when I decided to add in as part of my backpacking South East Asia Itinerary I couldn’t be more excited. I knew very little about the country or the culture when I turned up in Hanoi as part of my first solo backpacking trip.  Perhaps this was a little naive but I … Continue reading Useful Things You Need To Know Before Travelling In Vietnam

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Why Hoi An Is My Favourite Place Ever

When I was planning my Vietnam trip, Hoi An was the place I was looking forward to most. Everyone that had ever been to Vietnam had said it was their favourite city and I couldn’t wait to walk around the dreamy, lantern filled streets. Sadly,  I didn’t account for the typhoon that hit central Vietnam while I was there, which meant I had to go … Continue reading Why Hoi An Is My Favourite Place Ever

Ayutthaya: Temple ruins and sunsets

The sun is casting an orange glow onto the pillars of Wat Chaiwatthanaram temple as it sets. Above me the sky is darkening but still has tones of blue, pink and purple and the moon has just started to show through. We climbed up some steps on the edge of the ancient ruins that make up this magnificent temple and watched as the darkness engulfed … Continue reading Ayutthaya: Temple ruins and sunsets

London like a Londoner

London like a Londoner

Visiting London means so many things for me. It means visiting friends. It means eating out in markets.  It’s wandering around the residential areas past houses where plaques tell me ‘so and so who wrote such and such lived here’. Visiting London means getting hopelessly lost on the tube because I’m too stubborn to acknowledge I don’t have the tube map committed to memory and … Continue reading London like a Londoner

Brighton: Independent cafe guide

A popular day-trip destination from London,  seaside city Brighton is quirky, eccentric, cosmopolitan and full of independent coffee shops. Seeing as eating and drinking is my favourite pastime, I thought I’d put together this guide of the best of the best places to grab a cup of coffee. I’ll keep adding to it as I go so keep checking back. Marwoods It’s Kitsch. It’s retro. … Continue reading Brighton: Independent cafe guide