Welcome to the blog.

I’m Phoebe, a 20-Something Travel Writer and coffee enthusiast from the UK, who is currently living and working in Melbourne. This blog is a platform to document my travels and all of the coffee shops I have found along the way.

Moving to Melbourne from the UK completely transformed my life. I had just completed my journalism studies and started travelling full time. During this period, I was always searching for a place that I felt I could settle. When I arrived in Melbourne, I instantly felt at home. 

Going from living with family in the UK to the heart of a bustling city like Melbourne was a huge culture shock. However, it wasn’t long until I found work in Coffee, a place to live and I’d established a circle of friends here. I currently focus on writing about my life in Melbourne and my travels in Australia.

After almost three years, I’ve come to call myself a local and living here has helped me to realise that I want to work in coffee long-term, hopefully getting into coffee sourcing in the future.

On this blog, I try to give an insight into life in Melbourne and what’s its like to work in the coffee industry over here.

You can also read about my previous travels throughout Europe, Central America, Asia and Australia. I focus a lot on solo travel, long-term travel and coffee culture around the world. You can browse this site by destination or by category.