A weekend in Hobart: Tasmania Travel Guide

A weekend in Hobart: Tasmania Travel Guide

My friend and I recently got out of Melbourne and went on a much anticipated weekend away to Hobart, Tasmania. Hobart is a city that has been on my bucket list for ages. However, Covid travel restrictions had meant that I hadn’t been able to make the short one hour flight to this island, south of mainland Australia, before.

I didn’t know a lot about Hobart prior to our trip, apart from that it looked beautiful. However, we got plenty of recommendations from friends who had been and our entire trip went flawlessly.

Like most places, you can spend longer than a weekend and Tasmania. However, if you only have a couple of days, then you can see the very best of what Hobart has to offer (although you will definitely want to come back and explore the rest of the state.)

A weekend in Hobart: Tasmania Travel Guide
Mount Wellington viewpoint

What to do on a weekend in Hobart

If you fly into Hobart on a Saturday morning then you must go to the Salamanca Market. These bustling farmers’ market stalls stretch out for blocks and are a wonderful place to spend a few hours buying handmade products and tucking into some delicious street food.

Spend a few hours at MONA

The Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) was by far one of the highlights of our trip. You could spend a day at this iconic museum that is accessible via ferry from the main part of the city. The museum itself is an experience with the galleries set underground, featuring some immersive exhibitions. There are also two wineries, a brewery, restaurants, a library and loads more to do on-site.

A weekend in Hobart: Tasmania Travel Guide
MONA exhibition

Mount Wellington viewpoint

Hiking up to the top of Mount Wellington is a must for stunning views over Hobart. However, if you are short of time, you can drive all the way up there too! It’s definitely worth the trip- just be warned that the roads can be a little windy and narrow.

Eating and drinking

A weekend in Hobart: Tasmania Travel Guide
Cascade Brewery, Hobart

Hobart is packed full of fantastic bars and eateries. Sadly, we couldn’t visit everywhere that we were recommended but here were some of our favourites:

Cascade Brewery: You’ve probably heard of Cascade beer (or their lemon lime-bitters) and making the 15-minute drive to the brewery is a must. Here you can see the stunning Cascade building and enjoy a beer flight in the courtyard while enjoying some live music.

Pigeon Hole Bakery: This hole in the wall usually has a line out the door but its worth the wait for delicious coffee and baked goods for takeaway.

Maldini’s: Delicious Italian food, great drinks, relaxing ambience and friendly staff, on the main strip in Hobart. Slightly on the pricier side.

The Den: Our favourite spot for evening cocktails with a chalet-esque vibe. It’s just a few doors down from Maldinis so great for an aperitif (or digestif)

Pilgrim coffee: Yummy speciality coffee and room to sit in! Great to head to when you land.

Some other places we were recommended but couldn’t get a table/ ran out of time to visit:

Coffee: Berta, Machine Laundry Cafe, Born in Brunswick.

Food: Pancho Villa (Mexican), Cyclo (Vietnamese), Bar Wa (ramen), Fico (small plates/ European), Templo (small plates/ Italian), Dier Makr (small plates/local and seasonal.)

Bars: Tom McHugos Hobart hotel, Hanging garden, Preachers.

Where to stay

A weekend in Hobart: Tasmania Travel Guide
View from Airbnb Hobart

We rented a gorgeous Airbnb in Hobart and although a little pricey, it honestly made our trip. We were based in Howrah which was a 15-minute drive from the city and had stunning views over the bay (and our own jacuzzi!) I’ll add a link to the property here! There are also plenty of budget hotels and hostels in the city centre if you don’t have a car.

Getting around

As we were short of time, we decided to rent a car which made the whole trip so much easier. There are plenty of car rental places at the airport that you can prebook or buy on arrival.

Additional things to do

Here were a couple more things that we were recommended but didn’t have time to do:

Wineglass bay: Stunning scenic white sand beach with a path to a rocky lookout. Worth a visit even in winter for spectacular views.

Wineries/ vineyards: There are plenty of wineries to visit outside of Hobart such as Frogmore Creek and puddle duck vineyard.

Richmond: Small town, north of Hobart in the heart of the wine region. It has lots of heritage-listed buildings and Australia’s oldest bridge.

Have you been to Tasmania before or is it a place on your bucket list? Share your thoughts.

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