Creperie a l’Ouest, Paris, France

I’ve never been a crepe kind of girl. Seriously, I could quite happily walk right past one of those street vendors folding up a warm sweet crepe filled with Nutella, and I wouldn’t do a double-take.

It was summer and I’d been in Paris for a few days while visiting a friend. I’d eaten my fair share of pastries and cheese. However, crepes, not so much.
Then one evening, my friend and I had exhausted ourselves walking up the many steps of Monmarte and around the many parks, that she suggested crepes for dinner. Crepes for dinner? I wasn’t entirely convinced. However, my friend assured me that savoury crepes, or galettes, were something that I had to try.
In case you hadn’t heard of them either, a galette is a very thin savoury crepe that is generally made with buckwheat flour. You’ll find many variations of these on the menu at any creperie in France, which are Parisians go-to for an informal yet delicious dinner.

After a quick internet search, we went to Cafe A L Ouest, a fantastic little creperie a few minutes walk from the Sacre Couer. I loved this place because it wasn’t at all touristy, despite the prime location. It was tucked away, cute and comfortable in ambience and they stuck to what they did best- galettes and crepes.
We settled down on a table outside and ordered a carafe of sweet french apple cider, a traditional pairing with galletes.
They had so many delicious options on the menu and I was completely overwhelmed with choice. How could I decide between the scrambled egg, mushroom, Emmental and pine nut one or the goat cheese, Emmental, Roquefort and creamed chive one?
If the savoury ones weren’t decadent enough, there were plenty of sweet traditional crepes to finish off the meal with too. Marzipan and chocolate anyone? Or who could resist a banoffee or a classic lemon curd one?
Every single thing we ate (and we ate a lot) was delicious. The service couldn’t be faulted and the prices were very reasonable (around 12 euros for savoury and 6 for sweet ones).

Creperie A L’Ouest, 20 Rue du Ruisseau, 75018, Paris


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