How Instagram has edited the way that we travel

Why searching for instagrammable places means we’re missing hidden gems when we travel

As an aspiring travel blogger I love to visit new destinations. However as the blogging and social media world starts to grow and travel is as much of a hashtag as it is a passion, have the terms, Influencer and inspirational become negative words? And are we more concerned with brightening our feeds, than enriching our lives?

There was once a day when travelling meant journeying into the unknown and going with the flow. We used to arrive at a new destination with little more than a travel guide and a sense of adventure.

These days we are so overloaded with information that we can book our hotels and  plan where we’re going to eat before we’ve even left the house. However by making sure that we see absolutely everything when we travel, have we lost something else along the way?

Thanks to influencers and bloggers, the world has never been more accessible, but social media presents a very filtered version of travel. Often we’re so busy ticking off the trendy destinations off our lists that we miss the hidden gems, and we’re so consumed with taking the perfect Instagram photo that we forget to take it in ourselves.

Social media sites have revolutionised the way we travel in so many ways. We’re able to travel around the world from our office desk, however it’s important to remember that there’s more to travel than what we see in the camera lens.

So, next time you go globe-trotting try to find your own adventures. Make friends not followers, memories not posts and get off the beaten path, because the real influencers are the ones blazing the trails, not following everyone else.

The time has come to log out of your Instagram and go make real stories. There’s more to see in this world than what pops up your news feed.

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