Exploring Mykonos, Greece


IMG_6586IMG_6598High end shopping and a world famous club scene don’t always go hand in hand but Mykonos, more than any other, is an island where anything goes.

Paradise beach, famous for its super club, Cavo Paradiso makes it a popular choice for the rich and famous but Mykonos has so much more to offer beyond its party reputation.

Boutique shops, beautiful beaches, outdoor cinemas and art galleries and instagram worthy cafes are another reason the island is very much in the travel list right now.

To do:

Beach hop: Mykonos’ popularity means that getting around the island is easier than the lesser known Cyclade islands.There are regular buses and boats departing from Myknos town all over the island.

Agios Stefanos is a quiet lesser known beach cove near the main town, with a few beach bars and plenty of sun loungers. There are also regular buses from town to paradise beach, where the parties start at 3 daily and continue into the morning. Expect to pay a lot more here for sun loungers and food. Other popular beaches are Elia, the longest with plenty of beach bars, Paraga beach, good for water sports, half quiet, half organised with beach bars and Lia, a quieter, family friendly beach with some facilities.

Watch the sunset

Watching the sunset in Mykonos town is a must. We had the nicest cocktails for sunset in little Venice, a cute strip of restaurants and bars perched right on the waters edge. The restaurants right at the front are mediocre and expensive but this is one of the best spots for bars. We went to Vicolo bar, drawn in by its small menu of anything but average cocktails. We had a vanilla liquor with lemon curd cocktail and a banana and coffee liquor one which were both incredible.

Photograph, photograph, photograph

Like I said, Mykonos is a photographers dream. Stylish coffee bars, window crepe stalls, quirky shops and art galleries. Strolling around Mykonos town in the evening is like walking in a fashion show. To fit in you’ve just got to scrub off the sand from the day, get dressed up, walk endlessly, photograph constantly and pretend you have all the  money in the world to spend, even if you pick up a €3 kebab for dinner.

Go to paradise

If clubbing is your thing then you’re going to need to find a way to finance a night out at Paradise beach. We stayed in paradise beach resort, by far our most expensive accommodation on the island hopping trip: €200 for two people for two nights, however our room was amazing.

We had a balcony overlooking the sea where we could sunbath and listen to the music from below and a luxurious room that we could only dream about when staying in our bathroomless beach cabins in the next island. There are also dorms and camping in the resort for a cheaper price. The advantage of staying on the resort, if you’re looking to go out means that you’re right in the middle of the party, saving taxi money and extoritate drink prices as there are mini markets near by.


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