Melbourne: My Photo A Day Project

Over Christmas, I came across an article about a woman who challenged herself to take a photo a day.

She did this regardless of whether it was a ‘boring day’, ‘a bad day’ or a ‘remarkable day’. She simply set out to take a snapshot of each day regardless, because there is always something worth noticing.

After reading this, I felt inspired to do the same. Since moving to Australia, I’m a lot more aware of appreciating the smaller things but despite that, some days just seem to pass me by without a second thought.  Therefore in order to help me be more present, I set my own photo a day challenge for the first two weeks of January 2020. You can see the results of this below.

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January 1st: Spent a quiet New Years Day walking my friend’s dog, Spiros, in the Botanical Gardens.
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January 2nd: I had the day off work. So, I got a haircut and took myself off to St Kilda beach
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January 3rd: Me and my friend Linn went to see Lewis Capaldi perform: my birthday present from her
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January 4th: Back to work. Found this photo on my phone that I had taken accidentally on the way to my cafe job
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January 5th: Took myself out for a brunch date and ate the vegan smashed avo at Hash Speciality Coffee
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January 6th: It was a busy day in class and at my office job- but I liked my shoes…
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January 7th: Came across these guys on my way home from work, walking through the shopping centre
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January 8th: Had a vegan lunch and sat outside at work. Melbourne is really smoky from the bushfires.
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January 9th: Went food shopping with a housemate. Picked up this cactus and called it Cedric
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January 10th: Managed to fit in a run. This is one of my favourite routes along the Yarra River.
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January 11th: We had a party for Linn’s birthday at her apartment and then went out to Bond after.
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January 12th: Spent the day working and made these coffees
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January 13th: I had a day off and went to the beach. I swam in the sea for the first time this year. There was a crazy storm in the evening
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January 14th: Managed to make it for a run after work around Carlton, where I live. Had a chilled evening in blogging.

So that’s it: my first two weeks of 2020 documented here online. Without having set myself this mini-project, the days probably would have passed me by. However, through doing this, I can see what an amazing start to the year it has been.

From the bigger moments like nights out and trips to the beach, to the smaller ones, like making a coffee I was happy with or having the time to take a walk in the sun- I’ve seen firsthand, that there’s always something to be thankful for.

What’s been your highlight of 2020 so far? 

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