What’s It Like To Live In A Sharehouse: Australia

I want to start this post by sending out some big love to my sharehouse and the people that have made it feel like home. Thank you, guys!

I currently live in a six-bedroom sharehouse in Melbourne’s suburb of Carlton. I’d been in my fair share of hostels in the past but Australia has been my first experience of truly living alone. Living in a share house is a crazy experience, particularly when you are doing so in a pandemic. Over the last three years, I’ve had to learn how to cohabit with other people my age. During this time, I’ve learnt how to assemble numerous bed frames, the importance of making a cleaning roster and the difference that a set of fairy lights can make to the back yard. I have worked out how to sleep through the end of a house party, how to get on and off of a lease, how to get on to the real estate to fix things and how do my grocery shop (well most of the time).

When I was younger and I used to watch re-runs of Friends in the UK, I never imagined that I would ever have anything close to that lifestyle. However, now I live in the heart of Melbourne in a share house with five others in our twenties and it feels pretty close. I love our themed lockdown parties and how when everything is open, there is always an invitation to the local pub. I love a random movie night, a trip up the road to get pizzas from Lygon Street and how in a how of six people, there’s always someone to share a vino with if you’ve had a tough day.

Living in a share house can be bittersweet. There are times that you’ll just want my own space- or times that I complain that no one is ever home. There are those moments when someone is in the shower when you need to grab your toothbrush and days when the drying rack is piled up like a Jenga set. There are also those moments when a housemate, who feels like family has to leave, just like that. Of course, there’s also the joy that another new friend is just around the corner.

There are so many benefits that come from living in a share house. The obvious one being that you get to live in cities like Melbourne for very little cost. You split bills and some expenses like household supplies and it’s a great way to meet people. I came to Australia knowing nobody, and now I’d call the people here some of my closest friends, and most of them have been housemates or friends of housemates.
During the lockdown, my housemates were my support network and nothing has changed as we try to establish our lives in the new normal. On paper, it’s a recipe for disaster. You get a bunch of twenty-something, with varying occupations, interests and routines, stick them in a house and throw them into a pandemic but somehow we managed to make it work.
I know it’s not always plain sailing and I have heard some horror stories about living in a sharehouse. However, for my part, I have been incredibly lucky, and I’m actually grateful for Covid for making me stay put and giving me this house and the friends I have made.
For those of you who are interested in what living in a share house in Australia is like, I thought I’d share some snaps of my experience over the last few years.

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