The Months Ahead

Yesterday, we reached 100 days of consecutive lockdown in Melbourne and it’s a strange feeling. When Covid first hit Australia in March, I thought that the ‘stay at home’ rules would be in place for a couple of weeks. Now, months on, we’re still in lockdown. Social distancing and wearing a mask has become normal. Sometimes, I struggle to remember a time that I could go to a bar, go to a friends house or go further than 5k from my home.

Most days are empty and boring but I’m not complaining. Free time is something that we are used to now. Lockdown fatigue has worn in but there’s also a lack of guilt about those days that you want to do absolutely nothing; there’s very little we can do anyway. It’s been 100 days of lockdown and in many ways, it has felt like it. However, it’s not been all bad.
Living in the heart of Melbourne used to be very exciting. Work was busy and I thrived off the stress. My social calendar was jam-packed and there was no end of new places to go and people to see. Everything was great yet I couldn’t help but feel that each new experience I had, had to be better than the last. I was searching for something that didn’t exist and I realise this know. You see, constantly looking for the next best thing may make us ambitious but it doesn’t necessarily make us feel fulfilled.

These days life is a little quieter and there has been some good that’s come from that. Joy now comes from my veggie haul at the market, from a picnic in the park with friends, from a takeaway coffee from my local cafe. I am grateful for work- any work. I am thankful for the people around me and those far away. I am thankful that, when travel has been off of the cards for most the world, I am still able to live abroad. I appreciate the fact that I have my health and that I have been able to put the time into maintaining that this year.

Like most people, I’m ready to say goodbye to lockdown and start moving towards normal again. However, there are some lessons learnt from 2020 that I will be taking with me. They say, no pain, no gain and I guess it’s true. This has been the hardest year of my life but I’ve reaped the most rewards from it too.

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