The Best Flat White In Melbourne: Ranked

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Did you know, the Flat White was invented in Melbourne? And Melbourne itself is referred to as the coffee capital of the world; home to some of the world’s best speciality coffee shops and baristas. Therefore I’ve made it my mission throughout my time living in Melbourne to scour the city’s cafes in search of the best Flat White. Why? Because Surely the best Flat White in the world’s coffee capital is (hold it….)  the best coffee in the world?

So here we go, these are the best Flat whites in Melbourne: Ranked. 

1.Hash Speciality Coffee, Hardware Street, CBD

Hash coffee has made it to the top of my list for many reasons. Firstly, their coffee is excellent and its single-origin roast changes every two weeks. Secondly, for a CBD cafe, it’s surprisingly spacious and not difficult to get a table. This goes without mentioning their diverse all-day breakfast menu and their Instagram famous fairy floss hot chocolate. Basically, I’m obsessed.

2. Industry Beans, Fitzroy 

Industry Beans has made a name for itself in Melbourne and the cafe now exports its beans to other venues in the city. Industry Bean’s flagship cafe in Fitzroy is still one of my favourite places to grab a Flat White. This is because their coffee is consistently good, the brunch menu is varied and there’s plenty of indoor and outdoor seating so it caters for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather.

The Best Flat White In Melbourne: Ranked

3. Heresy Coffee, Equitable Place, CBD

It’s small and takeaway only, but when you’re just after a quick coffee on the go, there’s nowhere better. Tucked down the little foodie metropolis that it Equitable Place, Heresy coffee has friendly staff, quick service, a budget-friendly takeaway brunch menu and one of Melbourne’s best flat whites

The Best Flat White In Melbourne: Ranked

4. Pool House Coffee, CBD

Situated at the back of the Melbourne baths, I stumbled across Pool House Coffee accidentally on my way to work one day. The coffee here is smooth, naturally sweet and you can choose between a few different blends of beans. There’s also a fair bit of seating here so you don’t have to get takeaway.

5. Chapter House Coffee, CBD

Coffee in a church- Why not? Chapter House coffee was my very first stop for a Flat White when I arrived in Melbourne and I’ve visited this little venue ever since. It’s tucked at the back of St Pauls Cathedral and has a handful of outside tables- great for a coffee and a light bite to eat.

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6. Seven Seeds, Carlton

If you’re looking for a cafe to pass some time in then Cartlon’s Seven Seeds is a must-visit. This spacious cafe, located at the edge of the CBD is as Melbourne as it gets. These guys source their coffee and are one of the leading coffee suppliers in the city.

7. Vertue Coffee Roasters, Carlton 

I love everything about this quirky cafe. With coffee roasted on-site and a weekly rotation of their single-origin and estate speciality blends, Vertue coffee know what they are doing. This popular hangout is tucked down an alleyway in Carlton and a popular brunch spot for locals in the city.

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8. Market lane Coffee, Queen Victoria Market 

Queuing up to get coffee from Market Lanes stall inside of the Queen Victoria Market is an experience in itself. The barista’s here have to turn out a ridiculous volume of coffees per hour, their cold brew filter set up looks like something from a science experiment and there’s a general feeling of controlled chaos around the whole set up. These guys take their coffee seriously and there’s no alternative milk or half fat options on the menu. Not sure I entirely agree with that but that’s coffee, Melbourne style

9. Dukes Coffee Roasters, Flinders Lane 

Sure, their no photo policy is slightly pretentious. However, its bustling atmosphere, central location on Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Lane and it’s fantastic coffee makes up for it. Watching the baristas make coffee here is a work of art and they take pride in what they do. There’s always a queue so get here early for a seat. Be sure to try one of their delicious housemade pastries or cakes with your morning brew.

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10. Plantation Coffee, Melbourne Central 

Again it’s another ‘grab and go place’ but Plantation Coffee in Melbourne Central makes it on to the list- because I genuinely think they have some of the best coffee in Melbourne. The coffee is smooth and sweet, they have a 6oz takeaway cup size and the service is prompt.

Have you bean to these iconic Melbourne cafes? and where is your favourite place to grab a coffee in Melbourne? Leave a comment below.