Union Cafe Review, Antigua, Guatemala

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When you’re travelling on a one month group tour through Central America, having a quiet morning to yourself is a neccessity: Union cafe in Antigua, Guatemala was where I did just that.

Although we were moving at quite a fast pace through Guatemala, we had a few chilled days in Antigua; a town that I fell in love with. Antigua really took me aback by how pituresque it was. There were colourful colonial buildings and volcanoes in the backdrop and best of all, lots and lots of cafes.

I liked to wake up early, before most the tourists got up and the whole place felt really sleepy. One of these such mornings, I had one particuar thing on my mind: pancakes.

I slipped out of our homestay and headed on a wander. I just happened to notice Union Cafe which was tucked behind an open doorway and was immediately drawn in by the menu. It was a great little find with its chilled contemporary decor and holistic brunch menu.

The Location

Union cafe is centrally located on 6 Calle Oriente.

The Decor

This cafe is a serene, beautiful, creativity-inspiring oasis tucked away from the cobblestone streets and colourful buildings outside. The ceilings and walls are covered with patterns and tropical plants and has a fashionable, dietary conscious menu, aimed at millennials like me.

The cafe space also doubles up as a space for events like yoga classes and drawing workshops.

The Menu

Union cafe is not a place to eat a traditional Guatemalan breakfast but it is great when you’re craving something more western of if you have dierary requirements e.g gluten free. On the menu, you’ll find: smoothie bowls, omelettes, yoghurt and granola, veggie juices and locally sourced Guatemalan coffee. They also have a few pancake options including vegan ones made rice flour and plantain.

I went for the ordinary pancakes made with chia and served with fruit, organic honey, homemade strawberry jam and butter. This cafe won brownie points for their presentation, everything looked beautiful.

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