My Ultimate Summer Bucket List 2018

There’s always so much pressure when it comes to summer. The sun is shining (supposedly), everyone’s back home, the evenings are bright and the summer months  seem to stretch out endlessly ahead. Every year I make so many plans for summer and then before I’ve even had the chance to head to the beach, all those weeks are swallowed up in a culmination of work and procrastination and before I know it it’s time for Autumn again. As my best friend out it, ‘Last summer seemed to go in a flash of ‘working and working out‘ and I couldn’t sum it up better.

I don’t have big plans for this summer. Being free from studying means that I have the freedom to travel whenever so summer for me is a great time to enjoy the weather in the UK, catch up with friends, do short trips and most importantly earn money.

Either way year I’ve decided to make a summer bucket list of things that I want to achieve over be next few months. I’ll be doing updates on this as I tick things off and I’ll do a follow-up blog post in September to see how well I’ve done.

What’s on your summer bucket list this year?

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My Summer Bucket List 2018

Be a tourist in my own town: 

I’m not denying that I live in a pretty cool place. My hometown, Brighton, a city just an hours train away from London has more vegan eateries, cafes, vintage shops and record stores than you could ever want, plus in summer we get to spend our days at the beach, (it’s no wonder then that Brighton was voted the most hipster city in the world 2018).

Last summer I just didn’t seem to have the time to enjoy summer at home. I finished exams late, did my internship and then worked loads. This year I want to really focus on being a tourist in my hometown and making an effort to go to the beach and eat my way around all the fantastic cafes in the city. (Keep an eye out for more Brighton related content coming up on the blog).

What’s your favourite thing to do in your hometown? 

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Do yoga classes: I really got into yoga classes when I was in Costa Rica and it’s something I want to keep up now that I’m back home. Unlike other exercise, yoga is great because it has the meditative benefits as well as improving your physical health and flexibility so there are so many reasons to make it a regular part of my routine.

Cook more vegan meals: Veganism is something they I’ve really started to embrace over the last few months. Being in Brighton, veganism is a topic that’s hard to avoid (oat milk in cafes is the norm, not the exception). Me and my family originally started trying it out as an experiment because I really didn’t think I could live without cheese but it’s actually been quite effortless. While I don’t think that i’ll ever be completely vegan, I’m aiming for it 80 % of the time so I’m going to dedicate some time this summer to mastering lots of new vegan recipes.

Rent a city bike and ride along the beach: City bikes are new to Brighton for this summer so riding one along the beach has to go on my bucket list. They operate in the same way as London’s bikes so all you need to do is download the Social Bicycles app and  pick one up from numerous docking stations over Brighton. They are really cheap to rent,  just £1 for 30 minutes and 3p a minute after that (Much more affordable than the £2.60 bus).

Visit my travel friends: One of my favourite parts about travelling is meeting new people and having friends all over the world. This summer I’d love to do a few small trips and visit a few of the people who I’ve met abroad as many of them that don’t live too far away. Visiting friends is a fantastic excuse for a trip and it’s so much better to discover new places with people that live there.IMG_6121.jpg

Blog lots: This summer marks one year since I started my blog and I want to continue to work on it this summer. Blogging has become my biggest hobby and I can’t imagine how I ever functioned without it before. I’m going to spend a lot of time this summer finding and writing new content and making my site more accessible. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see more of or change on the blog!

Do an internship: Internships are a fantastic way to build your CV and get some experience in the field that you’re interested in and summer is the time when the most opportunities are around. There are so many options available particularly in the blogging, copywriting and marketing sector which is what I’m interested in. If you want to go travelling then internships are great as you’re not tied in for as long as a job, (they usually just last a few weeks to a couple of months) and some of them offer a salary or at least to cover your expenses. It’s also a chance to get out and see more of your own country. Last summer I did a two week internship in Oxford so not only did I get a ton of experience but I got to explore a new city too.

Master an extremely difficult french recipe: This is the antidote to aiming to be more vegan this summer but as an enthusiastic baker and Great British Bake Off addict, the idea of mastering an extremely complicated French recipe is really appealing to me. My baking tends to be restricted to sponge cakes and biscuits so I’d Like to spend a few hours getting to grove with something more complicated like French tarts or croissants

See more of the UK: I’m usually so preoccupied planning trips abroad that I forget to explore the UK.  This summer I’d love to do a few trips and explore more places nearby like Bath, Bristol and Windsor.

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Keep a journal: When I went backpacking around Central America I made myself keep a travel journal and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing in it. It’s so nice to make yourself take the time to sit down and write about the day and get really creative with it, adding in drawings and washi tape. On my bucket list this summer is to keep a journal for day-to-day life and really focus on slowing down in general.

Get off social media: As I use social media to promote my blog it’s easy for me to get sucked into it but spending too much time online is really draining. I want to get better at being more efficient with social media and really focus on unplugging at places like the gym or on a run.

Plan more travels: Deciding what to do after summer means endless opportunities. I’m not completely sure yet if I’m going to do some work at home, abroad or go on a longer trip but either way there will definitely be some travel involved over the next few months. There’s nothing I love more than spending a few hours with a map and my notebook researching trips, so I’ll be setting aside some time this summer and also doing some shorter trips in the meantime.

So that’s it, my summer bucket list for 2018. It’s nothing particularly crazy or life-changing but it’s full of (hopefully) achievable goals with the overall aim being to relax, see friends and just have fun. After all, what else is summer really about?




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