Why you should take a nano break (and where you should go)

You know that feeling when you’re sat at home and it’s pouring it down, your next holiday is really far away and you just feel so blah?

Well there’s no better cure than travel, and that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank or cause you to take time off work. Becoming increasingly popular are nano-breaks. These are essentially short holidays, lasting just a day or two. Just enough time to relax, have a break from the monotony of life, and take enough photos that you can consistently post them on social media for the next two weeks and pretend that you’re still away. With England’s proximity to Europe and with low-cost airlines, there’s plenty of options for a nano-break. I’ve put together a list of some of my favourites.



With plenty of daily flights and a flight time of just 2 hours, Barcelona is a popular day trip destination. What better cure for the rainy day blues than a day spent at the beach and a nice tapas lunch? Return flights can be found on Skyscanner for as little as £30



Even closer, Amsterdam in The Netherlands is just an hours flight away from England. Although not much better for the weather, there’s plenty do in the city. From walking along canals, visiting the Anne Frank House, eating in kitsch coffee shops and visiting the cheese museum. Amsterdam comes alive at night, with hidden cocktail bars, (try hiding in plain sight, featured above) and the red light district and, its proximity means that you don’t need to catch a flight back until late in the evening. Returns can also be found for £30 on Skyscanner




Especially easy if you’re in London, thanks to the Eurostar, Paris is just a train ride away. After a couple of hours by train you could find yourself dunking croissants into thick hot chocolate at cafe de Flore, loosing yourself in Shakespeare and Company bookshop or having a slap up lunch at Brassiere Boffinger. It’s also a great excuse to stock up on good bread, pastries, chocolate, wine and perfume.

Book early for cheap Eurostar tickets or look on sky scanner for flights. Flights tend to be around £50 return and takes just over an hour.



Another foodie destination but I can think of anything more extravagant than flying to Bologna for the day to eat proper tagliatelle Bolognese. It’s lesser known than other Italian cities but Bologna is a thriving city for foodies with numerous bars, markets and restaurants. Flight time is two hours and returns cost around £50.



Also a good day trip choice, Milan in Northern Italy is a shopping lovers heaven. Go with an empty suitcase and spend hours in the high-end shops in this city before sitting down to a plate of pasta. Return flights can be found for just £30 and flight time is also two hours.


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